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Legal Disclosure

This Website is provided for the sole purpose of allowing a potential buyer or tenant to evaluate whether there is interest in proceeding with further discussions regarding a possible sale or lease of a particular site in the new subdivision, Aledo River Phase 1 (The Properties).

The potential buyer or tenant is urged to perform their own examination and inspection of the Properties and information relating to, and shall rely solely on such examination and investigation and not on this Website or any materials, statements or information contained herein or otherwise provided.

Neither Highwater Development LLC, nor any of their respective partners, directors, officers, employees, contractors, or agents (collectively, “Agents"), make any representations or warranties, whether express or implied, by operation of law or otherwise, with respect to this Website or the Properties or any materials, statements or information contained herein or relating thereto, or as to the accuracy or completeness of such materials, statements or information, or as to the condition, quality or fitness of the Properties, or assumes any responsibility with respect thereto.

This Website is provided subject to errors, omissions, and other changes to the materials, statements and information contained herein or relating to the Properties, and is subject to withdrawal, all without notice.

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